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At this point in time the Obamas are the Huxtables. The symbol of a great relationship. Loving, affectionate, a supportive yet strong woman and good kids. I hear so many women saying things like they want their Barack, or they want what Michelle and Barack have. I have some bad news for many of you. IT’S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!. I’m not saying that it is impossible, it’s just that many of your habits and actions doesn’t put you in that direction. Your hang ups will do you in. Let me ask you this. You get picked up on a 1st date and the car he is driving has a hole in the floor, does he get a 2nd date? Are you texting you girls looking for help in getting out of the 1st date? Be honest with yourself. Well that is the story of their 1st date. Barack…

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Don’t Judge Me

The WordSmith's Journal

I still like to kick back and watch old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Don’t judge me. Lol.

We all say it. All the time. In response to the most trivial things and the most serious. On the one end it’s said as a statement, almost a command, and on the other it’s more of a firm plea. And that’s the tone of what the mercurial, confused but super talented Chris Brown is singing about in his song called…”Don’t Judge Me”.

Never will I condone his domestic violence actions, ever. For me it’s just not on to hit women, but I will admit that he is human and we all make mistakes. What matters now is how he behaves moving forward. So for those of us that feel we want to ‘forgive’ Chris Brown, then go ahead and do so; no need to stay stuck in the past.

But the lyrics…

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I’m awake, as usual

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Consumers Conned By Would – Be’s

Scam Watch: consumers conned by would-be lovers

‘Romance scam’ criminals strike up Internet-based relationships, then ask for money to meet their lonely victims. When it arrives, the conversations end and the money is gone.

January 30, 2012|By Stuart Pfeifer, Los Angeles Times

Here is a roundup of alleged cons, frauds and schemes to watch out for.

Romance scam

With Valentine’s Day approaching, now might be a good time for lonely consumers to watch out for a con called the “romance scam.”

In this scam, criminals pose as would-be lovers through social media or dating websites, strike up an Internet-based relationship and then ask for money so they can travel to meet their pursuer. Once the lonely victim sends the money, the conversations end and the money is gone.

MoneyGram International Inc., a money-transfer company, said those in the dating market should avoid sending money to people they’ve never met. And once someone asks for money, it’s time to look for someone new.

Time-share marketing

Time-share owners across the United States have been scammed out of huge sums of money by criminals who offer to buy time shares but instead steal deposits they said were necessary to start the process, law enforcement officials said.

Often, the criminal will call a time-share owner and say he has a buyer lined up and will need to be paid an advance fee to begin the process, according to a news release from the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which includes representatives from the FBI and other law enforcement agencies.

Once the fee is paid, the sales representative vanishes along with the money. The agency recommends that consumers be wary of sales reps who ask for upfront fees and check with organizations such as the Better Business Bureau to determine whether the business has a history of consumer complaints.

Super Bowl trick plays

The Better Business Bureau is warning football fans to avoid a variety of scams centered around the upcoming Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and New York Giants.

Among the biggest concerns are counterfeit tickets and merchandise, such as team jerseys. There are thousands of Super Bowl tickets listed for sale on the Internet. It’s best to use websites that guarantee tickets’ authenticity, such as, the BBB said in a news release.

To avoid being sold bogus team merchandise, fans should avoid deals that sound too good to be true and to use websites that are guaranteed to sell legitimate merchandise, such as the National Football League’s Internet site

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Angel Takes Flight



When your eyes cry you always seem to try and push all the tears away.

Never knowing which way you will travel next, which route will hold the key.

Somehow you just let tears fall to the boards of the floor, rolling off your cheek.

Mellow and sad not always understanding and surpassing each hill you have climbed.

Fear sets in as you begin to panic.

Feeling manic and in disarray, stress begins to cloud your focus among your boggled mind.

so distraught and upset felling that life is not following the path which you envision in your journey.

You begin to sweet, get clammed hands and tremble with horror of your path your in along your way.

Bitter sweet seems sour and raw now as your turmoil becomes more real.

You thought that you would find happiness soon, yet you’ve watched it all be taken away and disappear out…

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     “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” — Isaac Newton

     Southern Belles will pat you on the head and say, “Bless your heart.”  What they mean is, “Holy crap you REALLY are a moron aren’t you?” They smile and nod and let it pass…much like a silent fart in an elevator.

     Yankee gals will tell you what a moron you are.  Make no mistake, we know all about being tactful, we just prefer not to use it.  Why waste the energy?  If you are an idiot and you haven’t learned by now, then it’s time we told you.

     If by chance you are a nice moron and have no inkling that you are one, we Yankee gals might cut you a break and go easy on you.  …..Giggle.  Snort, okay I was fooling with you there.

     I pity you if…

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