From The Mind Of A Man

At this point in time the Obamas are the Huxtables. The symbol of a great relationship. Loving, affectionate, a supportive yet strong woman and good kids. I hear so many women saying things like they want their Barack, or they want what Michelle and Barack have. I have some bad news for many of you. IT’S JUST NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!. I’m not saying that it is impossible, it’s just that many of your habits and actions doesn’t put you in that direction. Your hang ups will do you in. Let me ask you this. You get picked up on a 1st date and the car he is driving has a hole in the floor, does he get a 2nd date? Are you texting you girls looking for help in getting out of the 1st date? Be honest with yourself. Well that is the story of their 1st date. Barack…

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