“Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” — Isaac Newton

     Southern Belles will pat you on the head and say, “Bless your heart.”  What they mean is, “Holy crap you REALLY are a moron aren’t you?” They smile and nod and let it pass…much like a silent fart in an elevator.

     Yankee gals will tell you what a moron you are.  Make no mistake, we know all about being tactful, we just prefer not to use it.  Why waste the energy?  If you are an idiot and you haven’t learned by now, then it’s time we told you.

     If by chance you are a nice moron and have no inkling that you are one, we Yankee gals might cut you a break and go easy on you.  …..Giggle.  Snort, okay I was fooling with you there.

     I pity you if…

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