Don’t Judge Me

The WordSmith's Journal

I still like to kick back and watch old Tom and Jerry cartoons. Don’t judge me. Lol.

We all say it. All the time. In response to the most trivial things and the most serious. On the one end it’s said as a statement, almost a command, and on the other it’s more of a firm plea. And that’s the tone of what the mercurial, confused but super talented Chris Brown is singing about in his song called…”Don’t Judge Me”.

Never will I condone his domestic violence actions, ever. For me it’s just not on to hit women, but I will admit that he is human and we all make mistakes. What matters now is how he behaves moving forward. So for those of us that feel we want to ‘forgive’ Chris Brown, then go ahead and do so; no need to stay stuck in the past.

But the lyrics…

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