Have I wasted the last five years?

MamaJi's Rant

Natural Beauty

Photo Via Shan Sheehan

As many of you have heard, I have recently divorced my wife due to the excessive  hair growth situated on her nose and chin. For further information surrounding this topic, please visit “why i divorced my wife”.

Since then, I have left my home to wander the world on my own and have commenced a period of intense reflection. Being on your own makes you feel isolated. However, it is only when you are on your own you realize that your old life was the real isolation.  Your daily monotonous movement, as you wake up in your box of a house, to eat cereal from a box, to travel to work in a box, to sit in a box of a shitty building to come back to the original box merely to lie in a box to wake up to repeat the process until you…

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