5 Rules on How to Apologize to Your Partner

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5 Rules on How to Apologize to Your Partner

By BounceBack

Saying Your Sorry to the Ones You Love

By Alysia Stern for BounceBack.com

Not every apology will be created or received equally. “I am sorry” is an in-depth, three word phrase that obtains numerous meanings. The majority of the time when one person accidentally or mistakenly hurts another person causing emotional or physical pain, the natural response is to say “I’m sorry!” As a child we are trained to apologize to others when we have hurt them. This is a universal term known in every language. The term is also used to express condolences to another person. It is a way of extending feelings of remorse and sorrow to another.
“I am sorry” is said everyday in many ways. The most important thing to remember is that it is supposed to be used in a realistic, remorseful way; not…

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